Dmitriy Zotov

Dmitry Zotov

Head of medical assistance.
For 7 years the company has become a full-range service provider.

Irina Grischenko

Customer Support Manager with 10 years of experience. Is a microfinance expert.

Elena Guschina

Helen Guschina

Procurement and logistics manager. Active life position and commitment. Helen raises team spirit, supports high-performance discipline.

Elena Solovyeva

Helen Solovyeva

The continuous medical experience of 25 years. Is an example of professionalism and responsibility.

Oksana Barakh

Oksana Barakh

She has experience in medicine and education. Joined in 2014.

Olga Poklad

Olga Poklad

Works in public health for 13 years. Experienced Internet marketing manager.