Competence of Profcallcenter in medicine and pharmacy based on years of experience in servicing insurance companies (medical assistance), pharmaceutical distributors (use of drugs advisory line), store, chains (contact centers with order functions). The company consists of consultants who have the appropriate profile preparation. The predominant majority of our consultants, in addition to the call center, have practical experience in medical field.

Medical call center

apteki profcallcenter iconThe main specialization of Profcallcenter is to serve customer’s calls of pharmacy chains.
Cooperation with Profcallcenter increases customer loyalty, allowing our partners to increase the average bill through competent operator’s advice.
Our pharmacy partners, included to the TOP-3 of CIS market, trust us in servicing their customers in the countries of their presence. The provision of services to retail networks, the number of sales units of which are extended to hundreds under each brand, we are proud to consider as a professional achievement of Profcallcenter.

медицинские учрежденияКолл-центр для медицинских учреждений и клиник.
Опытные в медицинском направлении операторы Профколлцентр расскажут о перечне ваших услуг, помогут подобрать вашему клиенту более подходящую медицинскую услугу, подскажут график работы ваших специалистов, запишут клиента на прием. Кроме того, мы поможем проинформировать ваших клиентов о сроках диспансеризации, плановых вакцинациях и проведении профосмотров. Мы подробно оповестим о новых услугах и акциях, проведем анкетирование клиентов и телефонные презентации, пригласим на специальные мероприятия, а также сформируем клиентские базы данных для вашего медицинского учреждения.

retail profcallcenter iconProfcallcenter helps to strengthen care by their customers to other retail chains as well. The operators of our call center inform customers about current marketing campaigns and events, receive complaints, provide information on the working hours and addresses of sales outlets, answering other FAQs.
Increased demand is a unique service for the retail segment - advice on medical matters. Profcallcenter provides informational support to sales of medical supplies, children's range, food. Service is in demand among supermarkets, distance shops, distributors of pharmaceutical products, and other retailers.

med portal profcallcenter iconProfcallcenter offers the service of customer orders receiving and processing to owners of a medical search sites and medicines catalogs, which are engaged in search of drugs.
Already in the first month of the interaction, the largest aggregators of pharmaceutical assortment with Profcallcenter have become a 10 % and more conversion of calls into orders of medicines. Also, the existence of its own CRM enables to provide integration with our partner’s accounting systems, proceeding instant identification of the customers and providing them with the necessary assistance by one call.